House Maintenance & Repair


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House Maintenance & Repair

We always think that it is possible to repair, we will repair it.

If it is not possible to repair, we will find the best solution.

And if there is no solution, we will invent it!

But one thing that're sure, we will never let you down!


You have a lot work to be done! complete our list of work and we will contact you the same day to make an appointment for an estimate, that way you are sure to minimize the number of workers at home and waste your time on the phone to find the workers needed to run your work see details in document.

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Professional caulking applicator

We are specialized in window & Door caulking since 1993!

Trust us! Be preventive, have it checked!

Window & Door caulking (replacement or first time application)
Caulking the perimeter of the house

Concrete window sill
Leaky gutter sealing

Exterior pipe & Vent

Roof vent and chimney

Temporary caulking installation (Draft stop)
Interior caulking ( Kitchen & Bathroom )
Interior Acrylic latex application ( baseboard, casing & other )

And has many other places!

We have more than 50 different colors of caulking

We have yours!

There is only one three-step process for replacing caulking, and only the experts know it!

Attention to inexperienced amateurs, These are your windows, your investment!

House Services

Interior & Exterior

Proposed brand

Caulking done incorrectly can allow outside air to enter inside and at the same time allow heat to exit the house, accelerate the mold inside the walls due to the Water build-up inside the walls, the insulation will be soaked and soon black mold stains will appear on the surface resulting in additional costs and problems that you do not want.

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For all necessary repair and maintenance services inside or outside your house

with impeccable customer service
Only one try will convince you

Do not wait, save on your next electricity bills simply by having the caulking replaced